Meet our expert Digital Marketers in Bolsover

Meet our expert Digital Marketers in Mansfield

Aileron Digital Works, established in May 2023, is the brainchild of an experienced and innovative team. With a strong foundation of over 15 years in the industry and a deep understanding of a diverse range of technologies, the team brings both expertise and adaptability to the digital world. Meet our expert Digital Marketers in Bolsover below.

The ethos of Aileron Digital Works is centred around the idea that every business possesses a unique personality. The company excels at capturing this individuality, giving businesses an authentic digital voice. Aileron Digital Works’ distinct approach is governed by three core values: adaptability, collaboration, and personability. These values are not just a company slogan, but are the guiding principles that shape every project.

The company’s target market encompasses new start-ups and small to medium enterprises. However, with scalable services, Aileron Digital Works has the capabilities and expertise to serve businesses of any size, ensuring that every client’s unique digital needs are met.

As well as offering business solutions, Aileron Digital Works is a dedicated member of the community. The team contributes to a free podcast called WebWings, which aims to demystify the intricate world of ecommerce for its listeners.

Outside of the office, the Aileron Digital Works team cherishes family time, enjoying camping trips and other outdoor activities. These adventures serve as a reminder of the balance between technology and nature, and the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Looking ahead, Aileron Digital Works is committed to continuing its journey of helping businesses find their authentic digital voice. The company will adapt and evolve alongside the ever-changing digital industry, maintaining its vision of serving as an ally for businesses while strengthening ties with the local community.

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Meet our expert Digital Marketers in Bolsover

About Nichola – The Boss

They say behind every good man, is a strong woman. Nic disagrees with this and would say that the woman should always come first.

Leading from the front, Nichola’s background in mental health and pharmacy are worlds away from her passion for writing engaging copy and social media posts that really emphasise the subject.

Ask Andy, and he will say that Nichola writes amazing copy for any subject. Get him a drink, and he’ll say that Nichola can waffle on about anything once she has researched it.

Nichola also works part time for The Paperwork Team, specialising in Self Assessment Tax Returns. She loves getting to know her customers and loves solving complex problems – especially when there’s a spreadsheet involved!

Outside of work, Nichola will tell you that she spends her life looking after her two children (Andy thought they’d only got one child, but Nichola says he is a 38 year old man child!)

Drink: black coffee or strong tea. Biscuit: Rich Tea – “sounds a bit boring to me…” – Andy

About Andy – Project Lead

If you’re local and attend any event with Business in Bolsover, you might have been introduced to Andy as ‘Dave’… we assure you, he was born Andrew but will forever now answer to Dave! (Thanks Roxy!)

Andy is our Project Lead & UX Designer to give an overall summary – he’s been in website design on and off since the turn of the millennium (don’t remind him of that!) he is the main, day to day point of contact for the business for almost everything to do with your project.

His business passion is that business or corporate should not be boring as I’m sure you’ll see on here as we let him write this! He is not afraid to tell it straight when things are getting boring and even discusses this in a co-hosted eCommerce Podcast called WebWings.

When we let him have time off, Andy is a self-proclaimed geek with a love of flying (he said that, Nic say’s flight simulator nerd). He is in denial about pushing 40 years old – we’re not sure that he’ll ever actually grow up!

Drink: black coffee. Biscuit: Chocolate hobnob, “the daddy of biscuits” – Andy